Kainic is an AI based personalization platform

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Our Modules

A modular solution that integrates seamlessly with your stack

Data Collection

Kainic gathers event data from web and mobile apps, including user interactions and demographics. This data is stored on scalable infrastructure to accommodate varying user volumes and traffic.


Kainic analyzes the collected data giving you clear visibility through its rich dashboards. Not only this, Kainic provides you with the tools to apply your own analytics, build your tailored dashboards and reports.


Kainic leverages state-of-the-art machine learning models to provide personalized recommendations. Boosting your sales, views and most importantly provide a personalized user experience.

Core Features

Features Help You Personalize your customers experience.

Dashboards & data analysis

A/B testing

Auto Model selection

Personalized search

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“If we have 4.5 million customers, we shouldn't have one store…we should have 4.5 million stores.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com
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How It Works

Easy, But Powerful



First you will need to integrate Kainic to your platform. We provide native shopify and odoo integration plugins, also you can use our rest APIs to integrate to any platform. Kainic supports both web apps and mobile apps.



Start seeing your data ingestions, play with your data and expirment the most suitable recommendations model for your business.


Watch the magic

After using our recommended items widgets on your website and mobile app. You will start seeing how effective are your recommendations and how people are interacting with it. We promise you, you will get surprised.


More Sales When Using Kainic


Less Time to Purchase


Beautifully designed pages


Stunning visuals

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About us

We are KAINIC your AI personalization partner

Group of tech and business gurus who has extensive experience in the technology and market fields. Through Kainic we provide unparalleled data engineering and data science services at a price point that ensures a significant return on investment for your business. Kainic offers AI as a service.

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